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In May 19th, the 2017 and seventh Shanghai lighting technology and application trends Forum will be held in Shanghai Lighting City Convention and Exhibition center. Study on the forum by the Shanghai electric light source lighting industry association, Shanghai Institute of lighting, sponsored by Fudan University, Shanghai Lamps City market operation and Management Co., and Chinese Lighting Association, China Lighting Association, Shanghai Hongkou District City People's government guidance.
Chinese Lighting Association Secretary General Dou Linping, Chinese Lighting Appliance Association chairman Chen Yansheng, vice president of Fudan University, Wesson, Ministry of Huaxin Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute chief economist Wei Zhiqiang, President of Limited by Share Ltd Shenan Zhuang Shanghai audio marketing director Sun Shaofeng, Linsen Limited by Share Ltd and other important guests will attend the forum.
It is understood that the Shanghai lighting technology and application trends Forum initiated in 2011, has been successfully held six sessions of Shanghai lighting technology and application trends in the development of the industry forum has play a important role in promoting and guiding role. The Shanghai lighting technology and application trends Forum from “ &rdquo of the heart; CO together again Shanghai Lighting Association, Fudan University Institute of electric light source, with “ deepen reform, optimize the supply side lighting industry ecological ” as the theme, and to continue in government departments, industry experts, the Internet giant, lighting enterprise cooperation on the basis of first launched by the famous economist of the current domestic and international economic situation analysis report, the national The Belt and Road Chinese manufacturing 2025 strategic docking key report, the Internet giant successful marketing mode from the perspective of media reports, under the new situation of distribution model breakthrough road. Facing the opportunities and focus of the structural reform of supply side, we should seek the way of new economy, new technology, new application and new mode of the industry, and explore and optimize the healthy development of the new ecological system in the lighting industry.