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Ashineon (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd to ShineOn brand debut in May 9th at the opening of the 2017 Philadelphia International Lighting Exhibition in North America, this is the second year after the second exhibition. As a professional supplier of encapsulation, module number for this exhibition, ashineon shows the LED light source module series, there are also on display and downstream customers to the joint development of high efficiency and high reliability of various lighting products.
“ the ashineon with its high quality, high color rendering index SMD module, COB and DOB light engine in North America for overseas exhibitors, commercial lighting lamps provide a wider selection of schemes to meet their DLC grade, and the spectra of different color index demand. The first day of the exhibition, we have received many lighting customers and distributors. ” ashineon executive vice president Liu Guoxu (Jay Liu) said.
“ ShineOn with its long experience in TV backlight, provides a series of Edge-lit lamp module for our panel light, CRI from 85 to 98 a variety of programs, combined with our control system to achieve warm function of dimming. The light efficiency of lamps meets DLC Premium, so that our panel lamps are in the leading position of the industry. ” American Axlen Lighting CEO Dr. Li Xu told reporters. Nelson Caldani, director of engineering at LTF, said: "“ ShineOn's COBi integration module is the light engine behind our LTF Qlux lighting products, which provides our products with market competitiveness of performance and price.". &rdquo lamp panel; ashineon exhibition of new product color index as high as 98, light color is more soft and comfortable, more suitable for indoor lighting and some high-end demand. You can see the lighting effect from the contrast between the two photos. The picture shows the new products, and the following is the general product. Ashineon is a high brightness LED package as the main foreign high-tech enterprises and has high power chip and application of product R & D and manufacturing capabilities. The company was founded by a team of LED experts and management personnel from the United States, supported by renowned international capital. R & D and production ashineon committed to high quality and high reliability of LED products, ashineon LED products with low thermal resistance, high brightness, color temperature consistent with excellent performance. High brightness LED chip ashineon company and integrated packaging products for solid-state lighting (including indoor and outdoor lighting) to provide the core device.