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With Shaoxing Shangyu Hua Tianbao, outstanding historical heritage, at the Fudan University electric light source research unit under the auspices of the 2017 international advanced lighting technology conference will be officially kicked off in Zhejiang, Shaoxing. With the rhyme quaint and rich in Jiangnan Jiangnan features, high Yuzhi, listening to the international lighting technology industry experts and scholars on cutting-edge science achievements, also has the hawker chivalrous charm.
The event will be conducted in the previous &ldquo lighting technology, lighting; humanistic spirit, ” invite industry professionals to discuss the development of lighting technology, lighting technology and industry to promote the global lighting technology process, in order to better lead the industry trend in the international lighting and the lighting field, the meeting advanced technology lighting the pursuit of seeking truth from facts Scientific Outlook on Development, to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the lighting industry from the angle of analysis of problems.
The International Conference on advanced lighting technology (ALST) originated from a series of international electric light source science and technology conferences sponsored by the international electric light source committee. Since 1973, Ralph Bohle in the UK (Loughborough) for the first time since the success of the LS conference has been successfully held 14 sessions, the meeting is to discuss the development of top lighting design and lighting technology in the field of international scientists, engineering and technical personnel, has an important milepost meaning in the research field of international lighting. Fudan University advanced lighting technology engineering research center of Ministry of education and the International Committee of the electric light source (FAST-LS), the international semiconductor lighting Alliance (ISA) and the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Alliance (CSA), the ALST conference intended to do both for lighting and lighting industry technology innovation oriented development, future oriented lighting technology for beyond lighting applications. The main speakers of the conference include &ldquo, the father of Blu ray, Nobel prize winner, middle village professor and &ldquo, father of LiFi, Professor Haas and other famous international experts such as &rdquo, &rdquo. The theme of the conference is “ the future of lighting and lighting beyond &rdquo, including meeting; solid state light source materials and devices in intelligent lighting, Bio Medical, animal and plant optical networking and other areas of academic progress and innovation application. The conference will also hold industry and industry forums, invite leaders of the solid lighting industry and representatives of well-known enterprises, and look forward to the future of the lighting innovation process, dialogue industry and market trends. The participants reached 400 people, members of the steering committee of the International Committee of members of 15 people, 21 people, some overseas speakers, delegates covering national and provincial development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, National Standards Commission housing, science and technology, environmental protection, power supply, certification supervision and related lighting leaders and experts, responsible person as well as the domestic and foreign research institutes, testing organizations, lighting industry supporting enterprises, products and equipment manufacturers, engineering quality inspection certification bodies, lighting design and engineering application and major engineering project manager.
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