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Recently, the United States Amazon online mall, many E26 interface LED light bulb without providing energy labels and shelves, which involves many Chinese merchants.
Amazon said in an email to the seller that part of the E26 LED light bulb is not available because it does not comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s &ldquo, the energy label &rdquo. It is understood, according to the Federal Trade Commission Act FTC requirements, LED lighting to enter the American market sales need to paste the energy in the box and the lamp body on the label (black label), the disclosure of the annual power consumption of the product to the public life, and other information. The FTC energy label has not been implemented recently, but Amazon has recently begun a rigorous review of the label.
Amazon officials have given solutions for the LED light bulb off the shelf. One is to ask the merchant to contact the product supplier in time to obtain the pictures containing the contents of the energy label. Two, if the product supplier has not done this test, samples should be provided to the qualified third party Laboratory for obtaining test reports and making energy labels according to the template. Three is the energy label, uploaded by the business to Amazon's official website to confirm the resumption of sales.
China is LED bulb producing countries, while North America is an important sales area, China bulb LED, according to statistics, there are 1/3 China LED bulbs sold in the United States, the United States imports of LED products in the country, China accounted for more than 70%, with the E26 lamp LED lamp to lamp off the shelf, many domestic factories and Amazon the business has caused great losses.
Ningbo inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the cross-border electricity supplier business, overseas sales of products to be produced in strict accordance with the importing country product quality requirements, through the relevant certification, to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of import country, to avoid unnecessary economic losses. In case of problems such as withdrawal, recall and so on, please consult the local inspection and Quarantine Bureau in a timely manner to obtain relevant technical standards and regulations and other support to reduce the risk of enterprises.