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The morning of May 11th, the Islamic Republic of Iran Consulate General in Guangzhou delegation arrived in Guangdong Crystal Electronics Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the &ldquo crystal electronics; ” access), visit the science and technology innovation of enterprise development and the status of the operation, in order to promote the &ldquo Belt and Road Initiative; ” economic and cultural exchanges along the Muslim countries, deputy director of crystal the electronic tour and on equal profit.
During the visit, Khalil Shirgholami (Hill Lamy) consul general first came to the crystal electronics products exhibition hall to visit, a flat introduces the history and the present situation of crystal electronics to the guests, and introduces the enterprises involved in the field and the main products. The delegation listened carefully to the results of the company's scientific and technological innovation, Guangdong Hong Kong Science and technology cooperation and the company's development and development of the international market.
Ping Ping said at the scene, Iran is an ancient country, at present, the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt for the two sides to strengthen cooperation and exchange provides a rare historical opportunity. The development of crystalline electronics has been appraised as a successful example of cooperation among the enterprises, scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning in the three areas of Guangdong, Hong Kong and taiwan. I hope the two sides in the &ldquo Belt and Road Initiative; ” construction, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in various fields and forms in the business.
&ldquo, it is a great pleasure to have a chance to visit the electronics division of Jing electronics. Through the visit of these days, we have seen the rapid economic development of China ”. Islamic Republic of Iran Consul General in Guangzhou Khalil Shirgholami (Hill Lamy said) silk road from Changan Chinese (Xi'an), through Central Asia from Pakistan into Iran, had a profound impact on the Iran economic and cultural. Khalil Shirgholami (Hill high Lamy) said that Iran and China have cultural commonalities, and that cultural exchanges and economic and trade exchanges are in good prospect.